Classified 2018 Advertising Rates & Information

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        Ads and complete payments must be received in writing by the issue's deadline date. These deadlines apply to insertions, cancellations, and changes.


        • Type double spaced desired ad copy (see Editorial Policies)
        • Calculate the cost of the ad based on the number of words it contains (see Rates)
        • Separate specialty:
          • issues in which ad is to be placed
          • section under which ad is to be placed
          • name, address, telephone number for correspondence
          • request for confidential reply box, if needed
        • E-mail to: [email protected]
          • Or mail and fax ad to:
            Annals of Emergency Medicine
            Philip Prigal
            Advertising Sales Services Department
            230 Park Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10169
            FAX 212-633-3820 TELEPHONE 347-556-0473

        Classified sections

        • Positions Available
          • Academic
          • Additional Specialties
          • Administrative
          • Fellowships
          • Individual/Group Practice
          • Part-time/Locum Tenens
          • Residencies
        • International
        • Other
          • Computer Software
          • Partnership Opportunities
          • Physician Available
          • Physician Services
          • Miscellaneous
          • Recruitment Services
        If section not specified, ad will be placed in most appropriate category.

        Advertising deadlines

        NOTE: Ads close at 2:00 pm Central Standard Time
        January........Nov 2
        February........Dec 1
        March........Jan 5
        April........Feb 7
        May........Mar 8
        June........April 6
        July........May 9
        August........June 5
        September........July 10
        October........Aug 8
        November........Sept 5
        December........Oct 4


        • Tabled 1
          StandardBoldface type
          60 words or less $55560 words or less $560
          61–120 words $91061–120 words $990
          121–180 words $1,285121–180 words $1,395
          Column inch ads are non-commissionable. Each group of letters or numbers bounded by a space counts as one word. Examples: EM = 1 word; 212-633-3829 = 1 word; Ronald L Krome, MD = 4 words
        • Tabled 1
          Full Page7″ × 9-1/4″ (8 3/8″ × 11 1/8″ bleed)
          1/2 Page7″ × 4-1/2″ horizontal; 3-3/8″ × 9-1/4″ vertical
          1/4 Page3-3/8″ × 4-1/2″
          1/8 Page1-1/2″ × 4-1/2″ vertical
          Tabled 1
          Full Page$5,110$4,965$4,835
          1/2 Page3,7803,6403,510
          1/4 Page2,4202,2852,205
          1/8 Page1,8301,7701,715

        Call for color changes

        If “camera ready” artwork sent to us is generated by laser output less than 1270 dpi, we will accept a paper proof (300 dpi) of the ad along with the disk and produce 1270 dpi artwork at no extra charge. If neither camera-ready artwork nor a disk is sent or if an ad needs to be typeset or changed, a typesetting charge will be billed to the advertiser. A times rate on display advertising guarantees a reduced rate but does not protect against periodic rate increases. Display ads are commissionable.

        Reply box service

        Available for classified and display recruitment advertising.
        $40 per issue

        Editorial policies

        Annals makes every effort to fulfill the needs of its advertisers; however, there are guidelines established by our Editorial Board, by the American College of Emergency Physicians, and by other governing bodies that occasionally necessitate our changing ad copy, both commercial and classified.
        • The terms “emergency room” and “ER” will always be changed to “emergency department” and “ED” at the advertiser's expense, if necessary.
        • The terms “emergency medicine physician” and “emergency department physician” will always be changed to “emergency physician” at the advertiser's expense, if necessary.
        While Annals believes that the ads it accepts originate from reputable sources, it takes no responsibility for the consequences resulting from, or the responses generated by, any commercial or classified advertisement.
        Annals Advertising Policy is available on request. Ads will be edited for style.
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