What's Coming in Annals

March 2022


Naloxone and Buprenorphine Prescribing Following U.S. Emergency Department Visits for Suspected Opioid Overdose: August 2019-April 2021 (Original Research) – K-P Chua, CHY Dahlem, T Nguyen, et al

Sustained Implementation of a Multi-component Strategy to Increase Emergency Department-initiated Interventions for Opioid Use Disorder (Original Research) – M Lowenstein, J Perrone, RA Xiong, et al


Effectiveness of Peripheral Nerve Blocks for the Treatment of Primary Headache Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Systematic Review/Meta-analysis) – D Patel, K Yadav, M Taljaard, et al

Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Headache: A Precise Approach to Pain Management in the Emergency Department (Editorial) – BW Friedman

Covert Brain Infarction in Emergency Department Patients: Prevalence, Clinical Correlates, and Treatment Opportunities (Brief Research Report) – JR Balderston, CK Brown, VR Feeser, et al


Implementation of a Urinary Tract Infection Management Pathway to Evaluate Emergency Department Length of Stay in a Pediatric Emergency Department (Original Research) – JK Furmick, S Scarboro, M Runyon, et al

Pediatric Traumatic Injury Emergency Department Visits and Management in U.S. Children’s Hospitals, 2010-2019 (Original Research) – LK Lee, JJ Porter, R Mannix, et al


Traumatic Brain Injury-Related Hospitalizations and Deaths in Urban and Rural Counties - 2017 (Original Research) – J Daugherty, K Sarmiento, D Waltzman, et al

External Aortic Compression in Non-Compressible Truncal Hemorrhage and Traumatic Cardiac Arrest: A Scoping Review (Review Article) – T Soeyland, JD Hollott, A Garner