Journal Club

As the Journal Club enters its second decade of publication, we want to thank all of our readers who made this educational feature successful. We covered an exhaustive list of methodologic, statistical and clinical topics in the first decade of the Journal Club. We have created the Annals of Emergency Medicine Journal Club index that provides a searchable database for residency leadership, journal club leaders, and all learners to search for a specific topic of interest (eg, sensitivity and specificity) to see which journal club editions covered that topic. Beginning in 2019, the Journal Club format has been revised and will focus on a monthly succinct review of high-impact articles from this journal and other premier medical journals relevant to emergency medicine. The reviews are followed by questions demonstrating principles by which readers—be they clinicians, academics, residents, or medical students—may critically appraise the literature. We are always interested in receiving feedback about this feature. Please e-mail [email protected] with your comments.

- Annals of Emergency Medicine Journal Club Editors

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