Visual Abstracts

Visual Abstracts can enhance your article and present a succinct way to sum up your research and conclusions, which can then easily be shared via social media. Several studies have shown that including a visual abstract can increase how your research is shared and disseminated, see article by Ibrahim et al at

For additional information, Andrew M. Ibrahim MD, MSc gives detailed advice on creating visual abstracts on his website at To prepare your visual abstract for submission to Annals, please refer to this guide and PowerPoint samples and the three templates shown below.

Visual Abstracts for accepted Annals articles should be submitted for review to Lauren Westafer, DO, MPH, Social Media Editor at Annals, at [email protected].

A collection of recent Visual Abstracts from Annals articles can be accessed here.

Thanks to Dr. Tom Fadial, McGovern Medical School, UT Health, for designing the style guide and templates.

A library of icons is available at, please refer to their copyright instructions.